I’m going to talk about rebound relationships, and I am going to give you a perspective on them that you might not have thought about before. I am going to share with you why having your ex get involved with a rebound relationship after breaking up with you is actually a good thing for you. Before you walk away feeling that I am nuts, take a look at my reasoning, then decide for yourself if having your ex involved in a rebound relationship will be beneficial to you.

Let’s start with why your ex is involved in a rebound relationship. She’s going out with this other guy because she just broke up with you and wants to get over it. She doesn’t want to have to dwell on you, your relationship, and why it fell apart like it did. Most people can’t handle heavy emotions like a break up, so the rebound relationship is a way to sugar coat the fact that her true love relationship has splintered to pieces.

Rebound Relationships

This is the core reason why you still stand a chance at getting your ex back. You see, you might want to read that last paragraph again, to let it sink in. She is out with Mr. Rebound because she is having to work out the fact that she lost you. How she lost you isn’t important. Neither is why. Whether the fault lies with you or with her isn’t important. Not even identifying who pulled the plug on the You and Her Show means nothing. The only message you should be hearing here is that she is in a rebound relationship because what you and she shared was real. This means that your relationship is salvageable, because all real relationships can.

During the course of her brief rebound relationship, you need to take a step behind the curtain. Go unnoticed, but don’t go unnoticing. Watch who she rebounds with. This guy will give you tons of information about you and your own relationship with her. You see, while she is going out with this guy, she will be trying to put together what was both good and bad in your relationship. If you were Mr. Cool, she will try rebounding with Mr. Not-So-Cool. If you were the silent, caring type, she will find the loudest jerk to go out with. All the characteristics that she misses about you, she will try to deny during her rebounding phase. Watch for it. She is telling you what she loves most about you, still.

The other side of this coin is that she is also telling you some of the things she wishes you possessed. If there were anything in your relationship that was lacking, she will try to identify it in Mr. Rebound. So, take all the mental notes you can and go to work on putting the new you together while she works through this new “relationship.”

Then, you let things happen as they will. You know that this rebound relationship, like all the ones that went before throughout history, will be short-lived, and will give more useful meaning to you than to her, and certainly will mean nothing to the other guy. Because it is inevitable that she will start to pick this guy’s character apart, looking for you. And when she fails to find what she wants in him, she’ll turn her sites back to you, and you will be ready to give her all she will ever need in her man.

So, when a break up happens, do not, under any circumstance, try to fix things right away, and especially don’t beg her to come back to you. Let her rebound, and see what she is missing. When the time comes, you will be there, waiting at the door for her to return, where she will see the man she has always loved. Then, and only then, will the two of you be able to move forward into a new and better relationship.

Are you facing a break up of your relationship? Are you still in love? You need guidance, a step by step walk-through of what to do to regain the romance. You need to learn why Rebound Relationships are a good thing!


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